Looking to join Bane? Read this first!

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Looking to join Bane? Read this first!

Postby Kay'L » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:21 pm

Bane is a friends and family adult oriented guild in Warhammer Online. We play Destruction on the Red Eye Mountain server. Most of us have played in mmo's together dating back to Asherons Call 1.

Guild rules are simple.

1. Dont be a jerk. If this has to be explained, then you will most likely be kicked from the guild. We will not tolerate mean, selfish, or asshat players.
2. Respect others. This goes for non-guild members too. You wear our guild tag, which means you represent the guild. If you disrespect people, those people view it as our guild disrespecting them.
3. Be 18 or over. We prefer that our members be adults.
4. Have fun. We are all about playing WAR together, and having as much fun as we can to do it. Be it PvE or RvR.

A side rule is that we prefer that your alts are in the guild as well (or unguilded). Experience has shown that players with characters in multiple guilds can often lead to conflicts and problems.

After you have read the above 4 rules, and agree to them, the next step is to create a new post in this forum, copy and paste on the following questions and and then provide answers to them. Your post will be viewed by guild officers and they will get back to you in game.

1. What is the name of your character?

2. What is your character class and current level?

3. Do you like PvE, RvR or an equal mix of both best?

4. Are you over 18?

5. Do you get along well with others?

6. Do you expect the guild to give you free items, money, and offer to power level you?

7. What other mmorpgs have you played in the past?

8. What time period do you usually play WAR? IE: 7pm - 10pm PST

9. What are your expectations, if any, from Bane as a guild?
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