About Version 0.92  

Welcome to the City of Heroes / City of Villians Salvage IO Set Planner.

6-15-2007 : verison 0.92 released.

NOTE: Due to the extensive change of functionality, it is highly recommend that you drop any previous bookmarked/saved lists of data as it will most likely be incorrect.

- Changes -
--- Added the ability to select specific parts of any set you pick, rather than forcing the results for the complete set. Pick the sets you want, then the number of sets you want, and then you will be able to select the amount of each specific part in a set you want.
--- Updated the Sets/Salvage data to be more recent and accurate. Please contact me if you find any errors.
--- Added the costume boots: Piston, Rocket, and Wings to the list of sets you can generate salvage lists for

5-22-2007 : New version of the beta out today.

- Changes in this version -
--- Added the ability to get results based on character level or IO set level. It should work for the most part, but lacks some flexiblity. For instance, if you select level 10, and then select ALL the IO Sets from the list, it wont display any results for Sets that dont have any IO's that fall into that level range. It will only display results for the IO sets that do meet the level range picked. Use the tooltips for each set if you arent sure what the min and max levels are for it.
--- Tweaked the way the ingredient result page stores its data when you bookmark it. It will now save data for which sets you have completed gathering salvage for.
--- You can now pick multiple amounts of the same set to see the resulting salvage needed. This happens after you select which sets you want and click Calculate. Max limit is 5 (since things dont stack past 5 in the game).

This tool is still in beta. If you find any bugs, incorrect data, or have any suggestions, please email me at salvageplanner@rpgnexus.org

To get started, just pick the type of conversion you want.

By default, this tool displays results for the highest level range of any IO Sets.

For instance, the set "Soaring" ranges in level from 15 to 53. This tool will display the results for Soaring level range 41-53. To see results for a lower level range, make sure to pick a level from the drop down when its available

This tool is being designed to help ease the task of gathering the salvage you need for higher level IO sets. Helping you find exactly what you need, and how much of it you need. In later builds, it will even help you manage the stored salvage you have collected and save the results.

Things to still implement:
-- Further tweak the way bookmarked data is saved
-- Ability to enter in all the salvage you might have, and have the tool spit out which sets you can build with the salvage you entered
-- Data and lists for standard IO enchancements, not just Set IO's